Impact Management Automotive Solutions

The O-Flex impact management products seek to absorb the impact of unwanted energy and provide a certain level of protection as noted by strict customer specifications and government requirements FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 201 and 214. No matter if your goal is to ensure the safety of a family in a motor vehicle crash, or you need to protect valuable cargo during transportation, our product solutions are the answer to your problem. The impact management product engineering team at O-Flex is always seeking to design and produce new solutions to meet and exceed client requirements. We have been a consistent solution for FMVSS 201u for almost 20 years, and exceed where other products fail.

O-EA Tubing

Our O-EA Tubing product was designed with the highest impact management standards in mind. The product provides vehicle occupants with protection during impact collisions from the front and side of the vehicle.

Product Advantages Over Other Countermeasures:

  • Lowest Cost Solution, typically no-tooling cost and rapid product availability
  • Preferred Quality Solution
  • Design Flexibility and Easy to Install
  • Performs Superbly in Tight Spaces
  • Absorbs Energy throughout deformation
  • Adds Negligible Weight
  • Withstands Temperature Variations from -40 to 110c
  • Surpasses HIC, IIHS and LINCAP requirements
  • Exceeds OEM Flammability and Fogging requirements
  • Compared to Plastics and Foams, our products are completely Recyclable and Green

Top Quality Equipment and Processes Designed for Passenger Safety

Our processes are strategically designed to ensure the top quality of our products and success of customer solutions. The trained staff at O-Flex understands the need for compliant and efficient processes. With our state-of-the-art, rigorous quality control program, you can have peace of mind knowing that your solutions will meet all standards, be delivered on time, and exceed expectations. In addition, our processes, equipment, and team of experts are all working towards one common goal — to improve the safety of passengers in your vehicle.

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